viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Self Evaluation of My Academic Year (2009)

This essay is my evaluation of my school year, but first I will talk a little about myself.I study the initial nursery and primary education at the University of Chile. The career lasts 10 semesters and now I am in the sixth semester. The review of these six semesters has been very good. I met new people, I read interesting books but I've also worked hard.
When I think I'm in the third year of the career, although I can not believe that time has passed so quickly. I remember the first half, when I was so worried and nervous that I thought would fail all courses, but I approved all courses.

This school year, for me it was very good because I gained new experiences and new knowledge. I had were very diverse courses, some courses good and some courses bad. I liked some courses and others not. Among the subjects that I liked was "Family", this course was very important, because we saw education from its social roots and that to me is fundamental. Another class that I liked was "Language” that class helped me know the process of reading and writing in children, it was very interesting. But there were not so good classes, like "educational evaluation" deflating in time. This course started very well, but then stalled.

Also in this school year, I learned how to implement diverse projects and research. As I said, this school year helped me gain new experiences. The new experience was that I learned that many people do not work together, because there is a responsibility within the team and the friends are ineffective for work.

I think this school year has been better than the last, because I'm more mature and focused on the race. I've also learned over the practice in schools and that to me is very important. I think it was a nice and productive school year.

In conclusion I feel increasingly more prepared to perform as a teacher. I want to quickly finish my career in order to exercise and perform small but profound changes in Chilean education. But I hope to be ready to enter college and to teach all I know.I am increasingly confident that a quality education is the first step to defeat the social injustice. I believe that education enables people to think and analyze their actions. I am a lover of education, but of a quality education for all social sector and make possible to all children. And I also hope that the teachers we are a socially valued professionals.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Challenges in your Discipline

First the education is needed for society, so the challenges to be faced are important for society and education.

In the technology area the education must face the massive use of internet has children. For that the education must increase technological resources and the teachers must know about these resources.

The technology is necessary for education, because this way the education must advance. I think that each school independent of their social condition must have technology. For example each school must have computer (whit internet) for all students, school activities in web, data show in each classroom, and other technology resources.

In the social matters area, the education has a big debt, because the public schools don’t offer a quality education, and this is the real problem in education.
But the other problem in social matters area is the low salary of teacher. I think these problems can only be resolved when the education doesn’t think like a business

In Education area, the education must worry for the education in the Universities to get the teacher university degree, because the preparation in this profession is bad in many Universities and anyone can be teacher. I think the solution for this problem is checking the education that gives each university, because be a teacher is not a joke.

A piece of News

Pope John Paul II Statue couldn´t be built

The National Monument Council was not allowing built the John Paul II Statue because this statue could break the town-planning harmony.
This statue was donated for San Sebastian University, and his height is 12 meter. The statue could locate in the small square in Bellavista neighborhood and this statue could be in front of Law Faculty of Universidad de Chile.
The neighboring of Bellavista neighborhood was very upset, because this statue don’t respect whit neighborhood history and the big height break the landscape. But now the National Monument Council says no to the big statue.
The Statue architect says this monument could locate in a new place and the Cerro Navia mayor says that in his town could locate this statue.
I like hear read or watch on T.V is the cancer cure was founded, but the cure was natural remedy such as herb, because whit I think the traditional medical treatment such as chemotherapy is more harmful than the cancer.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Improving your Faculty Facilities

Now in this Faculty the facilities situation is the computer room, cafeteria, the library, the cold day we have central heating and the classroom have datashow.
But these facilities could be strengthening because the computers are insufficient in quantity for the students, the cafeteria is small, and the library doesn´t have many books.
The improvements that need are more computers, best service in cafeteria (and reasonable price) and best equipment in library, develop relax places, best toilets and best attention in secretary´s office.
The first steps to dealing this situation is convert the library in a real library; we would take a silent reading room, best service, more books, work room, armchairs and computers. This library would be like Philosophy library.
The solutions for these problems are better quality in food, drop the price, better variety in snacks and extend the cafeteria because is too small. In the relax places would take green areas seats, smoke area, comfortable armchairs and lunch area. The toilet would be take toilet paper and be clean.
The real benefits of these improvements are offering a pleasant environment to study. Whit a better library the students would be most motivate to study.

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Does anybody like their school photographs?

Why these horrible traditions persist in the school?

I hate the school photographs because this photographs show the change from child to young.
I remember my first school photograph, this pictures was horrible. I had ugly hair cut in this photograph, but my mother put it in the living room. I had embarrassment.

For the students the school photographs are a tragedy and all students hates it. This pictures show us in our ugly years, for example when we had braces, shins, fat, ridiculous hair cut. Why the school years are the worst time in the life? And why they insist remember these years in a photograph?

The worst about this school photographs is our parents thinks that photographs is a nice living room decorates. And my mother shows the picture to all my friends. But the best about this school photographs is we can see the ugly years of our friend and we can laugh a lot.

Any way If anybody likes their school photographs I propose use the Photoshop and the problem is solved.

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

Election Day

I`m registered to vote since 2005. I went registered to vote whit my friends Macarena and Grisel. That day we felt adults. I think this process is very important in civilian life.
I think the electoral campaigns is massive spend of money, energy and insult between presidential candidates. In this electoral campaign the presidential candidates are worry to denigrate the competition and they aren´t worry to propose new ideas for the social and economic development.

A good presidential candidate must have these qualities: he/she should have social conscience; he/ she must work for economic equality and he/she must respect the democratic state.
I don´t ever consider to become a politician, but now whit this question I should think consider to become a politician. If I had to work in a ministry of the government I choose the Culture Ministry. I choose this ministry because I`d like that all people enjoy the art. I think the art is very restricted and the only people that enjoy it are the upper class.

I think the 5 problems in my country require an immediate solution are: social exclusion, the quality educational, the attention in public health, unemployed, delinquency

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Criminal Laws

I Think capital punishment is not a good solution to reduce criminality, because the solution to reduce criminality is to make harder sentences for sexual crime, trafficking and murder. For this way the criminal doesn’t commit a crime again.

I think there aren’t pros in capital punishment, because the solution is not the dead. The cons in capital punishment is the easy way to reduce criminality like that we are exterminate animal plague.

The measure that government should take to reduce criminality rates in Santiago is attack the heart of the matter: “revolving doors”. Without the revolving doors, the criminality could be to reduce.

In my opinion the origin of the increasing criminality rates in Chile is for social exclusion. The social risk is most vulnerable for drugs problem, desert school problem and material restriction. The only and easy solution for their problems is the delinquency. The delinquency is social problem and the solution is to make program for attack the poverty.
I never been a victim of a crime, but my father was a fraud victim. In 1995 he and a “friend” make a new business, they made a lot of money thanks to the business, but the friend robbed all his money. The fraud was very hard for my father and never forgive a his friend.